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Our Natural Almond Oil Mascara is our best selling natural cosmetic since we started in 2004. A great natural mascara with all the good stuff that cares for your lashes. Gives lovely very black lashes and NO SMUDGING!

All new formulas without petrochemicals, parabens or any unwanted chemicals!

Natural Mascaras

Our BEST SELLER Natural Almond oil Mascara, cares for lashes while gives you beautiful separate black lashes.

Natural Almond Oil Mascara, Black

This mascara is tear-proof and formulated with organic almond oil and beeswax. Our Natural Almond Oil Mascara strengthens and lengthens the structure of your lashes without smearing or flaking. A real treatment for your lashes!

Black Natural Sunflower Oil Mascara

Formulated with organic sunflower oil and beeswax this mascara is brown and perfect for blondes and brunettes.

Natural Waterproof Mascara, Black

A superb blend of avocado and mamey oil that cares for your lashes. Exercise, party and swim-proof, 24-hour wear.

Natural Aloe Vera Gel Mascara, Clear

The perfect aloe vera gel for "wet look" lashes and tidy brows. Try it once and it will be you must have! This natural mascara for lashes and eyebrows will never irritate the eyes.


Price : $32.90

  Natural Jojoba Oil Eye Pencil

This 100% natural eye pencil has a smooth and lightweight texture. Is non oily and has a great colour adherence.The jojoba oil helps to mositure the delicate eyelid area.

The lid comes with a clever pencil sharpener!

Natural Jojoba Oil Eye Pencil in BROWN

This natural eyeliner has been made with organic ingredients to deliver a lovely precise brown line that looks amazing on everyone! This lovely charcoal deep-brown is the perfect natural eyeliner for a natural make-up look!?

Natural Jojoba Oil Eye Pencil in BLACK

This classic, very black pencil has a gorgeous smooth formula that feels soft on the eyes. The natural eye pencil is full of organic ingredients for a lovely healthy?yet?sophisticated look.

Jojob Oil Eye Pencil

Price : $32.90

  Natural Line & Shade Eye Brush

to go with the range of Natural Eye Colours. With a brush on each end, the new Line & Shade allows eye colour to be applied in a line with one end and then blended in with the other, for an easily achieved, professional look.

Simple, elegant and easy to use. Two for the price of one.

Natural Line & Shape Eye Brush

Price : $44.00

  Natural Chamomile Eye Colour

Our new natural chamomile eyeshadows are here! Nine beautiful must have lovely eyeshadow duos - all made with organic and natural ingredients.

Available Colours: Sand - Vanilla, Basic brown and gold, Latte - Tea, Peachy - Pinky, Dark Purple - Old Dusty Pink, Dark Navy - Silver Grey, Blue - Sand, Green Forest - Gold Green, Dark Brown - Red Brick

Natural Chamomile Eye Colour

Price : $42.80


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