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  Foot Fetish Cooling Leg Milk
  With cooling mint oils & soothing herbs of Aloe Vera & Calendula, apply this milk to help sooth and refresh tired legs and feet.

Price : $23.00
Foot Fetish Cooling Leg Milk
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  Foot Fetish Cooling Sole Scrub

Harnessing the cooling properties of aloe vera juice and invigorating mint essential oils your feet will feel like they are floating on air

Price : $23.00

Foot Fertish Cooling Sole Scrub
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  Nurturing Nail Oil with Calendula

This effective oil is ideal for those of us with inflamed cuticles, dry quicks or dull lifeless nail beds.

Price : $26.00

Nurturing Nail Oil
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  Designer Series Audacious Apricot & Almond

With gently exfoliating Almond meal and yummy pureed apricots throughout, this new soap has proved very popular with our dedicated band of testers.

Price : $11.80

Soap Audacious Apricot
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  Designer Series Balancing Bergamot

With a stunning white swirl through a green soap this luxurious designer series soap is excellent for balancing emotions as well as helping deal with dull, congested skin.

Price : $11.80

Soap Balancing Bergamot
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  Designer Series Cooling Cucumber Mint
  Cucumber is noted for its soothing and cooling properties - combine this with our beautiful mint essential oils in our new Designer Soap style and you have a stunning soap for any body or soul.

Price : $11.80
Soap Cooling Cucumber Mint
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  Designer Series Dusky Rose

Rose Geranium is noted for its calming and hormone balancing properties and has been used through time for those of us with eczema and dermatitis to help soothe inflamed skin.

Price : $11.80

Soap Dusky Rose
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  Designer Series Grapefruit & Green Tea
  Loaded with stunning pure Grapefruit juice and with green tea leaves swirled throughout thus beautifully presented soap you will thoroughly enjoy your shower time!

Price : $11.80
Soap Grapefruit & Green Tea
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  Designer Series Lemon & Poppyseed

Refreshingly invigorating lemon with gently exfoliating poppy seeds are winning combination for both the bathroom and your senses!

Price : $11.80

Soap Lemon & Poppyseed
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  Designer Series Scent of Margaret River
  Take the Scent of Margaret River home with you ... the heady mixture reminiscent of the sea and the Australian bush combine in this unique cleansing bar.

Price : $11.80
Soap Scent of Margaret River
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