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Lemon Myrtle Derma Intensive Skin Cream

I have to tell you the Lemon Myrtle product is a wonder product and the Derma intensive skin cream is a miracle cream ¨C my 7 year old son has Molluscum Contagious, I took him to a local Doctor here in Singapore and he advised me they only way to get rid of them is to burn them off...he had them on his torso and on his arms, especially on his elbows...then the Doctor told us he would have them for the rest of his life and basically there was nothing we could do... I went home and jumped straight onto the internet and found testimonials from other people about lemon myrtle, hence I ordered the oil and the Derma skin intensive cream. The molluscum contagious was creating eczema on his torso, so I would mix the lemon myrtle oil with olive oil and apply to the ¡®angry¡¯ molluscum¡¯s, which was helpful, but when I started using the derma cream twice a day, morning and at night, they have all but one or two, disappeared after about 6 weeks...and he has not had any angry ones for about 6 weeks... Thank you so much for a wonderful product...and your kindness.

Name: Helen K, ACT Singapore

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